Working with Stella has been life changing. Her coaching on touch and female pleasure provided information and skills that have been empowering and a source of confidence for both of us. Stella’s warm personality, enthusiasm for her work, and depth of knowledge quickly put us at ease. She was able to guide us through a previous sticking point in our communication with each other. The entire experience was joyful and rewarding, and brought us closer together as a couple.

Steve and Natalie

“My partner and I were curious about incorporating rope into our relationship and I was more than a little overwhelmed with knowing where to start. I was aware of online tutorials, books, etc. that I could use as a starting point and read a few bits and pieces here and there, but what I was really looking for was someone that I felt comfortable with and could trust to ‘show me the ropes’ in person. We set up a private rope bondage lesson with Stella and it was exactly what we were looking for. She was so non-judgmental and facilitative with all my questions before, during, and after our lesson. The lesson itself was relaxed and comfortable, and covered all the basics that we needed without bombarding us with too much to absorb at once. She covered all the safety information first, and then taught us enough basic ties to really give us something to work and play with on our own. Her technique of showing us on herself, and teaching us how to tie on each other or ourselves while talking us through the steps and weaving in little tips and pointers was fantastic. She was really patient with us when we had those ‘how did you just do that?’ moments. There were a few times when it was helpful to have her demo a technique on me so my partner could learn by watching, and she asked for my consent every time she needed to touch me to do so…. how wonderful! I have since been to one of her group classes and that was also a terrific experience. She was really great at being attentive and welcoming to all the participants. I highly recommend Stella for both private and group classes.”

S. (private instruction student)