Stranger than fiction

About a month ago I tweeted a picture of myself reading in a bathtub. It happened to be one of Alison Tyler’s (wonderful) books. She saw the tweet, loved the picture, and asked if she could post it to her blog. I enthusiastically agreed.

An email discussion ensued, where I explained the circumstances that led to my reading her book, in a bathtub, wearing a dress. She was just as tickled with the story as she was with the picture. You can read the whole story over on her blog today.

I’ve gotta say, it gives me a special kind of surreal thrill that my actual sex life is being blogged about by one of my favorite erotica authors. Truth is stranger than fiction indeed.

While we’re talking about Alison Tyler, this seems like a great time to remind you I’m in two of her upcoming anthologies. The Big Book of Bondage and Sudden Sex. Both can be preordered now!



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