Well Played – being published in Strummed by Sweetmeats Press

f-holes tattoo

Photo of me by Joseph Robertson – clearly I have a thing for cellos.

Remember my cello music teaser from a few months ago? I’m thrilled to announce my story, Well Played, is being published in Strummed, a music themed anthology by Sweetmeats Press.

Here’s a synopsis teaser:

Isabel has the opportunity of a lifetime and she knows it. She isn’t about to do anything to spoil her chance at this job, but behaving herself around Kurt, the head of the cello section, is proving to be difficult. Every time he looks at her she feels weak in the knees and loses the ability to speak coherently. Isabel hasn’t been this gone for anyone since her teenage years and she can’t believe it’s happening now – especially with the man who could make or break her career. But when she listens to him play her whole world narrows down to the notes he pulls from his instrument and all she can think about is having his deft hands play her.

Tentative release date is early February – I’ll share cover art and further details as soon as I have them!



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