Review: Balancing the Books by Lucy Felthouse

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You’ve heard me talk a lot about the Big Book of Bondage – and that’s because I’m very excited about this collection and absolutely thrilled to be a part of it. Every story is a gem and I’m honored to be keeping such good company.

To give you a tease, here’s my review of Lucy Felthouse’s delicious story; Balancing the Books.

From the first line of the story, we’re immersed in the world – and the predicament – that Philip, the main character, finds himself in. That world is a delightful bookshop and if you – like me – have a thing for books, this story will be a double treat.

Lucy does an amazing job of getting into the mind of the character; of explaining what it’s like to live in the head of a submissive who is painfully eager to please. And that’s just the beginning of the realism that Lucy brings to her characters. They are objects in a fantasy while still ringing true as people.

In addition to all the story’s other charms, it’s refreshing to see a female dominant / male submissive story – especially one that’s done so well.

Lucy explores the mental and emotional aspects of bondage – she shows that the command to hold still can be even more binding than the tightest rope.

Lucy’s writing balances hot and sexy with light and fun – making her story an absolute pleasure to read.

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