Work With Me

Below is a list of many of the services that I offer to give you an idea of what you have to choose from, but you don’t need to decide what’s the best fit for you right now. You can just get in touch and we’ll figure it out together.

  • Coaching. I offer coaching to individuals, couples, and poly groups on the topics of dating, relationships, sex, and intimacy. Coaching is an empowering process that helps you build the confidence and skills to meet your goals. Coaching is available in person if you’re in the Portland area, and by phone or skype no matter where you are. Learn more about sex & intimacy coaching or simply contact me now to talk about your needs and decide if coaching with me is right for you.
  • Private instruction. Interested in kink or BDSM but not sure where to start? Have questions you don’t know who to ask? I’m happy to help. In person if you’re in the Portland area, by phone, skype, or email if you’re not. Individuals, couples, and groups/parties welcome. I can show you how to safely introduce kink and BDSM into your life. Learn more about private instruction.
  • Classes. I teach on a wide range of kink and sex ed topics. Contact me if you’d like to arrange a class for your group or business. Recent classes include:
    • Introduction to Rope Bondage / Rope Bondage for Intimacy and Connection
    • Empowering Enthusiastic Consent for Better Play and Hotter Sex!
    • Mapping the Vulva: Anatomy, Communication, Touch, and Pleasure.
    • Blow Jobs for bio and non-bio penises.
    • Dominance and Submission
    • Dildos and Anal
    • Intermediate Rope Bondage

    You can also find all my upcoming classes here.

  • Party/event facilitator. Ever wanted to host your own sexy or kinky party? I can help set the tone and get the ball rolling with ice breakers and friendly introductions to consent and communicating desires. (Travel out of the Portland area is negotiable.)
  • Writing. I write erotic fiction, lifestyle and how-to pieces on sex and kink, and much more. Please contact me if you’d like to discuss content for your website or other projects.

Contact me with any questions or to start working together now.