The Jeffrey Factor, published in The Big Book of Orgasms. This book has received numerous glowing reviews, one of which calls out my story as a favorite.

From Amazon:
A lover found this book on my bedside table last week and read to me while taking a breather. This has been repeated multiple times since and I must say I’m thoroughly enjoying the addition to our time together. The stories are quick and hot and perfectly paced for brief interludes to spice up play. So far our favorite has been The Jeffrey Factor by Stella Harris – my lover really enjoyed the story of toy play between two men.

Kinky Sex: A BDSM Primer (Amazon link)

Exerpt from T.C. Mill’s review, referencing one of my articles:
The opening glossary is extremely useful, and shows a nuanced understanding of BDSM dynamics (for example, distinguishing tops & bottoms giving & receiving sensation from the dominants and submissives who exchange power) without becoming confusing to a novice.

Senseless, published in the Big Book of Bondage.

Review by Vida Bailey:
I’m bemused and amused by this little slice of frustration Stella Harris serves up for her poor audience. As readers we suffer along with brave Lana as she ventures unknowing into a threesome she never gets to be star player in.

And for all the lack of first person satisfaction, it’s a short, burning story that leaves the reader as aroused and wondering as the main character is. I like how it tosses expectations back Lana’s face as well as our own. I always wonder why more people don’t get involved in threesomes as it just seems so indulgently, wonderfully…horny – and yet here that picture is messed with, the indulgence is half refused as the focus stays on the men and the heroine’s impotent arousal. So much proxy – the reader gets turned on by the heroine getting turned on by the invisible arousal of the men over her… it’s a great Escher drawing of a story!

From Amazon:
One of the more interesting 3-ways I’ve had the pleasure of reading, and if you are looking for sensory deprivation that is also simultaneously a hot sensory overload at the same time, this is one you’ll want to lay your eyes upon before bringing the blindfold back down for an instant replay. I also like the small touches such as knot placement; Stella’s obviously been there! Truly some hot fun, and it leaves you with some mystery as would be true IRL.

Eye of the Beholder, published in Sudden Sex.

Review by Jeremy Edwards:
Stella Harris’s “Eye of the Beholder” takes up only three pages of Sudden Sex—the equivalent of two pages, really, when you subtract the white space before and after the piece. Two *short* pages, given the adorably diminutive trim size of the book. That’s not much room for a personal transformation, is it?

But hold your breath and widen your eyes as Harris unfurls just that. Her protagonist is in the role of secret voyeur here; and as the meta-voyeur, you not only see all that he’s seeing, but you see him see it.

What he sees, described so concisely yet vividly by the author, will likely make you melt with exquisite pleasure, twice removed. (“Rose’s mouth is opening and closing, forming silent words that soon take voice…”) And what it does to him, in the space of two little pages, will likely leave you with a great big emotional connection.

Blindside, Published in Like it or Not

From the Well Read blog:
This was my favourite story in the anthology, perhaps because as well as the dub-con, it was a true romance with a lovely ending which made me go awwwww. The story follows Matt who is in his first year of College and plays rugby. When Matt attends an appointment for a check-up at the College health centre, he finds it’s all part of a hazing involving a fellow team-mate, Upperclassman Dylan. Matt endures his treatment the best he can especially as he’s struggling with a huge crush on Dylan. I really liked the character of Matt and felt that his struggles to conceal his homosexuality were shown realistically. The dubious consent is actually pretty tame, with most of the story showing Matt’s confusion over Dylan’s actions and trying to find some meaning in them. Again the closed third person narrative meant that we are kept guessing along with Matt, and so Dylan is a bit of an unknown quantity but we are given enough in his actions and occasional glimpses behind the hard facade to be prepared for the happy ending. A final niggle was that I was unsure about the setting. I didn’t think they played rugby in the USA, but it definitely wasn’t a UK setting – Australia or NZ, perhaps? I wish it had been clearer because it bothered me a little. Still this was a nice little story which left me smiling.

From Goodreads:
If you like stories that make you question accepted boundaries, if you enjoy reading about flawed men whose flaws complement each other, and if you’re looking for a read that might make you slightly uncomfortable but makes you think and question some accepted truths at the same time, you should give this one a try.

Fanboys, published in The Boy’s Club

Review by Michael Joseph:
Shane and Danny are two star-struck fans of actor Eric Ashcroft. They contrive to meet their idol, who is filming nearby, and get much more than they bargained for when the star invites the young men back to his trailer. A rather sweet little crush fantasy.


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