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February 8 – Mapping the Vulva: Anatomy, Communication, Touch, and Pleasure

There is so much mystery surrounding vulvas that it’s become a pop-culture joke. From Orange is the New Black to Gay Men Draw Vaginas – where even the title is inaccurate. Unfortunately, the joke is on us. With vulvas being a place of mystery, and worse – a source of shame – women’s ability to receive pleasure from this area of their body can be extremely diminished. In this class we will dispel misinformation and teach you all about the vulva from anatomy to styles of touch. In addition to the external genitalia the underlying anatomical structures, the vagina, and the g-spot will also be covered.

But we won’t dive straight in. As with all of my classes, the content is shown through the lens of intimacy and connection. We will cover styles of communication that will set both the giver and the receiver of touch at ease and give you tools to communicate your desires. There is a whole world of pleasure available if giver and receiver are willing to learn how to relax, open up, and to touch and receive touch.

People of all genders and sexualities are welcome to attend, either solo or with a partner or friend. This class will be a safe, supportive environment for people to learn. The class will be part lecture with visual aids and part live demonstration.

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February 15 – Kink 101
Presented by Sexy University. Info and tickets.

March 8 – Empowering Enthusiastic Consent for Hotter Play and Better Sex!

Think you know everything there is to know about consent? Think again. It’s a lot more than a simple yes, and certainly more than the absence of a no. Even if you have experience negotiating and stating your needs and boundaries a lot of subtleties can go unexplored.

Some of our earliest memories include enduring unwanted touch; from hugs and pats on the head to pinches on the cheek and kisses from relatives, we’re trained to accept touch to be polite. That’s a lot of baggage to unpack.

This class isn’t the lecture you’re expecting. Sure, you’ll learn some facts and statistics but you’ll also have a chance to share your own experiences. Not only that, you’ll get up out of your seats to participate in (fully-clothed) exercises to help you learn what embodied consent feels like.

When our partners are completely comfortable knowing that we won’t cross lines, when we find our inner ‘yes,’ that’s when the really hot stuff can begin. Because consent isn’t just about asking for permission from others, it’s also about being in consent with yourself. This class will help you figure out what you want and how to ask for it.

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April 12 – Strap-On For Play: Oral, Pegging, and More.

For some, strap-ons seem like an extreme form of play. For others, it just seems too difficult to know where to start. This class will demystify playing with strap-ons and cover all the basics to get you started plus techniques for oral and penetrative play.

Strap-ons can be enjoyed by people of any gender. You can incorporate elements of gender play or your roles can stay exactly the same as in day-to-day life. Enjoying play with a strap-on does not have to be tied to sexual or gender orientation – it can simply be one more tool in your sexual arsenal.

Any sex act is a full mind and body experience. That’s why the whole performance; body language, eye contact, and noises are incredibly important to the overall pleasure of everyone involved. When the cock you’re wearing or using doesn’t transfer sensation the way you’re used to, you have an opportunity to focus on the full experience.

We will discuss everything from choosing the right harness and dildo, to topics of safety, power exchange, dirty talk, and role play you can incorporate for a hot experience. We’ll also cover aspects of touching gender such as discovering the language people like to use around their body.

This class will be part lecture with visual aids and part live demonstration. All genders and orientations welcome. No audience participation.

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May 10 – Rope Bondage for Beginners

Does the idea of restraint turn you on? Do you want to learn the building blocks of rope bondage? In this class you will learn basic safety along with the single column tie, double column tie, and a simple chest harness. With these fundamentals you will be able to improvise and create many different bondage positions and hot scenarios. You don’t need to be into pain, or power exchange, or any other kinks to add a little rope to your sex life. And rope can be it’s own sex act. Consider the possibilities of an intimate exchange where no clothes even have to come off. In this class you’ll learn ways to use rope to build intimacy and connection while you’re tying, and tricks to help you build confidence as a beginner.

You will be practicing hands-on in this class so it’s best to attend with a partner. Some ties can be practiced on yourself and if multiple people attend solo they will be offered an opportunity to pair off. Practice rope will be available for use in class.

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May 17 – Communication in the bedroom: asking for what you want

Knowing what you want isn’t as easy as it sounds. Asking for it can be even trickier. That kind of honesty puts us in a vulnerable place, and opens us up to rejection, or to being shamed for our desires. We also have a lot of cultural baggage to work through. Women often get the message that wanting sex or pleasure makes them a slut (and that that’s a bad thing) and men are led to believe they’re supposed to magically know how to please women without asking or being told. This sets us up for failure, and for those reasons and more, many people never take the chance to open a dialog with their partner(s). But being able to talk about your wants and needs is the only way to get them met.

In this class we’ll talk about ways to put yourself and your partner at ease, styles of communication, and specific examples of tools and phrases to try. We’ll talk about ways to start the conversation and ways to incorporate communication into dirty talk. Not even sure what to ask for? We’ll talk about some common fantasies you might want to try. We’ll even have a chance to practice in class! (Participation is always optional.)

As always, there will be time for Q&A. All genders and orientations are welcome.

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June 14 – Penis to Prostate: A guide to Internal and External Pleasure

The companion to my popular vulva class, in Penis to Prostate you will learn anatomy along with techniques for touch and pleasure. We will cover both basic and sexological anatomy, with an eye towards sexual pleasure.

No one in our society has it easy when it comes to sex. Harmful ideas about the way sex and bodies should work can build shame and embarrassment for anyone who thinks they operate outside the mainstream porn example. For men/masculine identified people the emphasis on performance and “doing” can create a great deal of stress and anxiety. We will discuss communication techniques and ways to create intimacy that don’t require an erection along with ways to relax, slow down, and enjoy a range of sensations without being goal oriented or rushing to a finish line.

Not everyone who has a penis or prostate is masculine identified. We’ll discuss ways to learn what language your partner likes to use around their body and we’ll touch on the experience of people who take hormones.

This class will be part lecture with visual aids and part live demonstration. You will learn styles of touch for the penis along with anal and prostate play.

People of all genders and orientations are welcome to attend. No audience participation.

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